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Final game passwords
Enter NXOBBBBL as a password to play in the finals as the Chicago Bulls against the Utah Jazz. Enter CXOCGBB4 as a password to play in the finals as the Chicago Bulls against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Take the Bulls to the Playoffs
To play as the Bulls in all the playoff games, use these passwords:

First Round: Game seven vs. Celtics, series tied: WXVBQCVL
Second Round: Game Four vs. Cavaliers, Bulls 3-0: WXZBQJBD
Third Round: Game Four vs. Knicks, Bulls 3-0: WXXBQ2BK
Finals: Game Four vs. Warriors, Bulls 3-0: WXOBTBBC

View ending sequence
Enter NXWBBBBD or JXWP6BBQ as a password.

Game Password
76ers vs. Blazers 78OBFBBB
76ers vs. Suns 68OBFBBB
76ers vs. Warriors 28OBFBBB
Blazers vs. 76ers MBOBFBBC
Blazers vs. Bulls KBOBFBBB
Blazers vs. Celtics 7BOBFBBC
Bucks vs. Blazers CDOBFBBB
Bucks vs. Spurs FDOBFBBB
Bucks vs. Suns HDOBFBBB
Bulls vs. Jazz NXOBBBBL
Bulls vs. Lakers OXOBFBBC
Bulls vs. Supersonics MXOBFBBB
Celtics vs. Blazers HNOBFBBB
Celtics vs. Rockets MNOBFBBB
Celtics vs. Warriors BNOBFBBC
Hawks vs. Rockets 64OBFBBC
Hawks vs. Spurs 24OBFBBC
Jazz vs. Bucks WVOBFBBC
Jazz vs. Hawks MVOBFBBC
Jazz vs. Pistons LVOBFBBF
Knicks vs. Lakers HJOBFBBB
Knicks vs. Suns KLOBFBBB
Knicks vs. Warriors BJOBFBBB
Lakers vs. Bucks BLOBFBBF
Lakers vs. Bulls CLOBFBBC
Pacers vs. Lakers COOBFBBB
Pacers vs. Rockets GOOBFBBB
Pacers vs. Supersonics NOOBFBBB
Pistons vs. Blazers 7SOBFBBB
Pistons vs. Jazz 1SOBFBBB
Pistons vs. Supersonics NSOBFBBB
Rockets vs. Hawks M2OBFBBC
Rockets vs. Pacers T2OBFBBB
Rockets vs. Pistons Q2OBFBBB
Spurs vs. Bucks BGOBFBBD
Spurs vs. Bulls FGOBFBBB
Spurs vs. Hawks HGOBFBBC
Suns vs. 76ers PZOBFBBB
Suns vs. Celtics LZOBFBBD
Suns vs. Rockets FZOBFBBB
Supersonics vs. 76ers MQOBFBBC
Supersonics vs. Bucks BQOBFBBD
Warriors vs. 76ers 560BFBBB
Warriors vs. Bucks P6WBBBBC
Warriors vs. Hawks M60BFBBC

Easier one player game
Press C at the team statistics screen to display the CPU's statistics. Transfer the lowest ranked players into he CPU lineup. After game play begins, the CPU will replace these players with its best players. Repeat the same procedure between quarters or during a substitution to put the lowest ranked players back in the CPU lineup.



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