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Trash the surf board and heave the 'za. It's a whole new breed of Turtles and they're fixated on fighting. We're dead serious, Tournament Fighters takes dude-on-dude demolition to new heights of intensity with 4 modes of pain-producing battles, deadly warriors, secret arenas, astounding graphics and sound effects that'll make you cringe! Clash with Krang-created clones of the Turtles, Casey Jones, April O'Neil, Ray Filet and Sisyphus, plus bosses Triceraton, Krang's Android and Karai. There's flying body presses, knee drops, head butts, rocket punches, elbow smashes, somersault throws, you'll...

Secret Room
If you throw in April and Casey`s Stage you will fight in secret rooms for the rest of the match.

Skip to bosses without losing continues

To bypass fighting everybody and get to the boss trio without losing continues start a 1P game. When the screen changes to the space map have controller 2 enter the game for a 2P game. Have player 2 choose a character and select that person's home planet.

Leonardo - Bio Planet
Michaelangelo - Mirage Planet
Donatello - Futuristic City Planet
Rapheal - Magma Ocean Planet
April O'Neil - Spaceship
Casey Jones - Ice Planet
Ray Fillet - Ocean Planet
Sisyphus - Jungle Planet

You can beat up a defenseless second player and the game will give you credit for defeating that character in the tournament lineup. After you beat all eight defenseless fighters on their home stages the game will begin with the boss matches and you'll have kept all your continues.

Ultra Desperation Moves
Ultra Desperation moves can be performed when your life bar flashes.

Character Move Sequence
Michaelangeo & Donatello F, B, BD, D+C
Casey (in close) F, B, F+C
Raphael, Ray, Leo, & Sis B, F, FD, D, BD+C
April (in close) B, BD, D, FD, F+C

Alternate Ending
How to Unlock
Alternate Ending
Beat the game on maximum difficulty

Level Select
At the Konami logo press C, B, B, A, A, A, B, C. Then at the title screen press A, B, B, C, C, C, B, A. Start the game and a Level Select screen will appear.



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