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Culture Brain
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Super Chinese World 2 is a Role-Playing game, published by Culture Brain, which was released in Japan in 1993.

Cheat Codes/Hints
Easy Story Mode

First enter the Vs Mode and select the character you would like to play as in the Story Mode. Then select the second player (it can be anyone). When you are asked to select the handicap, put it all the way to the right, so the 1st player has all the advantage. Now, win the fight. Once it's over, select "Exit" to go back to the main menu. Now select Story mode and pick the same character you used in Vs Mode. If done right, you'll character will retain the huge handicap and the enemies will be much easier.

Last Galaxy Password

At the password screen, enter the following Japanese characters. Format is Row #, Column #. Once you enter the characters, select End and you'll get an error message. Select it 2 more times and the game will start on the last galaxy.

- 2,4 - 5,8 -
Last Galaxy


In the password screen, enter:

yumenosuke (in hiragana)
Start the game with level 50

Player Modifier

At the Vs Mode character select screen, press the X button 1 time to change the 2nd player into a CPU controlled character. Press X a second time to change both players into CPU controlled characters. Press X a third time to return everything to normal.

Sound Test & Sprite Viewer

At the title screen press Up, Up, Down, A, A, A and Start. You'll now be at the main menu. Perform the following actions to access the secret modes:

Highlight Story mode, hold Select and press Start.
Sound Test
Enter the options
Sprite Viewer

Starting Passwords

At the password screen, enter the following Japanese characters. Format is Row #, Column #.

- 2,8 - 4,7 - 5,5 - 3,3 - 4,2 -
Start With Max Levels and Money
- 3,1 - 2,4 - 3,1 - 2,1 - 2,4 -
Start With Max Levels, Money and Equipment

3rd Speed

First perform the Sound Test code. Now, at the sound test menu, press Start to go to the character selection screen. Choose your character, and before the fight starts, hold Select. If done right, you'll go into the options screen where you'll be able to select a secret 3rd Speed option.

Debug Menus

At the password screen, enter the following Japanese characters to access the special password screen (format is Row #, Column #): - 1,7 - 3,9 - 2,6 -. If done right, you'll enter a secret green password screen. Enter the following passwords to access the different debug menus.

- 2,8 - 4,7 - 5,5 - 3,3 - 4,2 -
Event Viewer (Press Start While Playing)
- 1,2 - 2,1 - 5,7 - 5,5 -
Item Store Viewer
- 5,7 - 2,3 - 5,7 - 2,3 -
Map Text Viewer
- 5,4 - 2,3 - 3,8 - 1,2 - 5,8 -
Text Viewer



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