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Mud Duck Productions, Bethesda Softworks
Mud Duck Productions
1-8 Players
Release Date (US):
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Experience the excitement of a night at the lanes with AMF Xtreme Bowling 2006. With six different gameplay modes, nine different enviornments and customizable character creation, the competition is always fresh and fun. Great to play alone or with a group of friends.

Game Pictures

Cheat Codes/Hints

Complete the indicated tasks to unlock the following.

How to Unlock
Acid Shirt
Win a game.
Ape Shirt
Get a Turkey.
Bear Shirt
Win the Beginner Tournament,
Black Acid Shirt
Win the Advanced Tournament
Black Cat Shirt
Win the Intermediate League
Brit Spot Shirt
Win the first Match Challenge
Dino Shirt
Win the Beginner League
Dog Shirt
Win the Expert Tournament
Flames Shirt
Win the Amateur League
Gray Shirt
Win the Medium Pin Challenge
Heart Shirt
Win the Expert League
Monkey Shirt
Win the Intermediate Tournament
Peng Shirt
Win the Easy Pin Challenge
Pig Shirt
Win the Championship League
Puss Shirt
Win the Amateur Tournament
Rainbow Shirt
Finish last place in League
Roger Shirt
Win the Fiendish Pin Challenge
Stars Shirt
Win the Championship Tournament
Strike Shirt
Get a strike
Sull Ball Shirt
Win five games in a row
Ying Yang Shirt
Win the Intermediate Pin Challenge



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