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30 seconds is required for a single alpaca to reproduce, with a maximum of ten available on screen at the same time. Instead of waiting, advance the time on your device by five minutes to instantly reach the maximum of ten alpacas. Absorb the Alpacas after you have set the time back to the correct value. This also results in easy experience points as each Alpaca absorbed is worth 3 experience points.

To make the Alpaca evolve faster, leave a few in the field. If there are no alpacas around, one will appear after one or two minutes. However, if you leave a few on the field they will multiply much faster.

Once you have leveled up, you must choose to become a ruler or a follower. Your decision will determine the form that your Alpaca will take afterwards.

If selected to be a ruler, your alpaca will become physically stronger by gaining more limbs, getting muscular, and increasing in size. If you decide to become a follower, you will increase your size and add more heads, up to the point where it resemble a floating cylinder with multiple heads.

Max out one form. Upon maximizing a specific form, you will get the chance to evolve into another form. There is a counter in the top right corner that indicates how many forms still have to be unlocked to increase the bar.

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