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Injustice: Gods Among Us is a Strategy game, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, which was released in 2013.

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Cheat Codes/Hints
Google Play achievements

Complete the following tasks to unlock Google Play achievements.
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Behind the Scenes: Collect a Support Card.
Best Things are Free: Collect 5 Daily Bonuses.
Brains over Brawn: Defeat Superman with Lex Luthor.
Bullseye: Get a Crit-Hit w/Deathstroke's Pistol Ability.
Button Masher: Get max damage on Bane's Rage Slam ability.
Climbing on Up: Complete 8 different Battles.
Completionist: Complete All Battles.
Elite: Promote a Character.
Girl Power: Win w/team of Harley, Catwoman, Wonder Woman.
Gods Among Us: Max 1 char in promotions, abilities, & super.
Going the Extra Mile: Complete 5 different Bonus Battles.
Grizzled Veteran: Reach level 20.
Half Man Half Amazing: Defeat an opponent with Cyborg's supermove.
I Work Alone: Win a match using only 1 Character.
Jackpot: Obtain a Rare Card from a Booster Pack.
Just A Rookie: Reach level 10.
Learning the Ropes: Complete a Battle.
Legion of Doom: Win w/team of Lex, Grundy, and Sinestro.
Like Clockwork: Collect 10 Daily Bonuses.
Maxed Out: Upgrade an Ability to Max.
Metahuman Legion: Collect 32 unique Characters.
Need An Upgrade: Upgrade an Ability.
Nick of Time: Tag someone out when they have >5% life.
Night Cycle: Defeat an opponent with Nightwing's Supermove.
On Your Way: Complete 12 different Battles.
One Man Army: Promote a Character to Max.
Overkill: Use super to defeat an enemy with >10% life.
Paragon: Reach level 40.
Power Squad: Collect 4 unique Characters.
Running Start: Defeat an opponent with The Flash's supermove.
Secret Society: Collect 16 unique Characters.
Shadow Network: Collect 8 unique Characters.
Teamwork: Stun an enemy & hit them w/a diff char's power.
This One is for Mr J: Defeat Batman with Harley Quinn.
Veteran Hero: Complete 24 different Battles.
War of the Lanterns: Defeat Sinestro with Green Lantern.
Watch The Birdie: Defeat Deathstroke with Green Arrow.
Who's Laughing Now?: Defeat an opponent with The Joker's passive.



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