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Guide the ChuChu's to their rocket ship in over 500 puzzling levels! Say Cheese!What's a ChuChu? It's a cute little mouse! They're lost and need to get back to their rocket ship, but beware; there are hungry cats on the prowl and bottomless pits to dodge.Packed with over 500 unique puzzles, ChuChu Rocket will provide hours of fun! How good is your escape plan?Enjoy this hit SEGA game as it mouses its way onto Android phones everywhere! Squeek!

Cheat Codes/Hints
Chao costume
Complete all 25 puzzles in Stage Challenge.

Unlockable Costumes and Difficulty Modes

When unlocking a costume, select Help & Options from the Main Menu, then select Costumes. The following are listed, though grayed out if not yet unlocked:Normal - The mice we all know and love; ChuChus!Pian - Winged creatures from NiGHTSChao - Bubbly creatures from Sonic AdventureWhen unlocking a difficulty, 25 additional puzzles are unlocked that are arguably more difficult than the previous set.

How to Unlock
Costume: Chao
Complete all 25 puzzles in Stage Challenge
Costume: Pian
Complete every puzzle in Puzzle Mania
Puzzle Hard Mode
Complete every puzzle in Puzzle Normal mode
Puzzle Mania Mode
Complete every puzzle in Puzzle Special
Puzzle Special Mode
Complete every puzzle in Puzzle Hard mode



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