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Our friend Louie loved his dog. But why would some thugs Poochnap this poor puppy? The thugs want the deed to the scrapyard. Will Louie stand for this?
It's up to you and Louie to survive over 15 levels of danger and find the ultimate bad dude, Mr. Big.
Scrapyard Dog features graphics and sound that push all the limits. It's part of the power that Atari brings you.

Game Pictures

Change Background Music
Press the Left Difficulty switch.

Completing Level 2-3
There is a large gap in level 2-3 that Louie must cross. Jump on the middle sewer pipe, then jump on the pipe to the left. Walk to the left edge of this pipe and, then run to the right. Continue running until Louie reaches the edge of the third, and lowest, pipe in the series. Then, jump to cross over the sludge gap.

Level 2: Three extra magic cans

Start level 2, "Eisenhower Lane". You will be standing under a ledge. Get to the end of the ledge so that part of your head is still under it. Jump Up three times to get the cans.

Three extra cans

To get three extra cans, get to Level 2 (Eisenhower Lane). You will be standing under a ledge. Go to the end of the ledge, but do NOT go on to the next ledge. If part of your head is still under the ledge, jump up three times to get the extra cans.

Three Magic Cans on Eisenhower Lane
To get three extra magic cans, get onto the second level (Eisenhower Lane). You will standing under a ledge. Go to the end of the ledge. Dont go onto the next ledge! If part of your head is still under it, jump up three times for your cans.



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