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You are Mario, and that big old gorilla, Donkey Kong, has run off with your girlfriend. It's up to you to struggle up those ladders and balance on those beams to rescue your lady fair. She's held captive at the very top. But Donkey Kong is not ready to give her up so easily. He's tossing barrels and fireballs at you at every turn. It's up to you to outmaneuver that wily ape. Good luck, your lady awaits!

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Climb ladders faster

To make Mario climb a ladder faster get him to start climbing up or down a ladder, stop climbing, then climb again up/down again. Mario will climb the ladder faster.

Lose Your Hammer Power

In the ''ramps'' level, if you have hammer power and you would like to get rid of your hammer power without having to wait for it to wear out, just kill a few barrels and move to the edge of a ramp, then drop to the ramp directly below. You will not lose a life, but your hammer power will magically vanish!


Move Mario up the first broken ladder on the ''ramps'' level, then climb back down. Walk to the left and position Mario so that his back is almost touching the same broken ladder. Then, move him one or two steps to the right and jump. If done correctly, Mario will fall through the bottom and appear in the ''rivets'' level or re-appear after several seconds on the top ramp next to Donkey Kong. Note: This only works on some versions of the cartridge.



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