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Finally! The power of 3DO. The action of a hit movie. The challenge of a video game. But deeper. And better. Because this time, you control the outcome of a real movie. With real stars Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes, real suspense and real challenges that demand real skill. Actually control cinematic-quality live action footage of Stallone as the Demolition Man in a game that merges movie and video footage so smoothly you'll feel plunged into the movie itself. Contains never-before-seen footage of Stallone and Snipes filmed especially for this interactive adventure.

Blood Code

At the title screen, hold R and rotate the D-pad clockwise until 7 splashes of blood appear on the screen. This will allow you to see blood when you shoot someone in the game.

Blood mode

Press RS, Up, Down, Right,Down, Up, Down, Right at the mainmenu, with the "Start", "Password", and "Option"selection. Blood will splatter on the screen to confirm correctcode entry.

Car Chase

During the car chase, get to Snipes' car with enoughfuel to kill him during the fight scene. This is done by runningover the "FUEL AHEAD" signs on the road. If fuel runsout during the fight scene, Stallone will lose a life. The bonusfor running over the "50 MPH" signs on the road increaseswith each collected. Running over the "BE WELL" signson the road repairs damage to the car.

Debug Mode

Press P to pause game play. Then, press LS, A, Up, Down, RS, Up to activate debug mode. The last three letters of the password will change to PWR to confirm correct code entry. Press B + Up or B + Down to scroll through the levels and screens, which will appear in the password box. VRGN 1 through VRGN 5 are five secret Doom-like levels that are modeled after the interior of Virgin Studios.

displays the Credits screen.
displays the game over scene.
displays the game winning scene.
displays the High Score screen.
displays the Listening Booth. Press Left or Right to
displays the Options menu.
displays the Password Select screen.
displays the Q Sound logo screen.
displays the Title screen.


To win, block often. Each attack does a certain amountof damage. When a block is successful, Stallone will always dothe correct counter attack which does double damage. This is alsotrue for Snipes, so when the difficulty is set on "hard"he mostly blocks. To get him to swing, fake an attack by pushingthe block button immediately after an attack is launched. Usedifferent moves and combinations; Snipes will counter effectivelyif the same move is repeated.

Maze Chase

Stallone does not have to follow Snipes in the tunnellevels. Just free the cryoprisoners and get to the exit. If Snipesis followed, he will eventually take a path to the exit, but itcan be reached without him. The easiest way to do this is to followthe objects. When an intersection is reached, look down each hallway.The one with the object is the correct hallway to take.

Museum Shooting Gallery 1

Shoot display Phoenix is hiding behind; then blow upthe robot tank; finally, shoot the bomb that is hanging from theplane.

Museum Shooting Gallery 2

Shoot the electrical box that Phoenix hides behind(the light fixture will gradually lower above Phoenix). Then,shoot the light fixture and it will fall on Phoenix.



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