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Within the confines of your favorite 3DO title resides a wealth of power. Power that's within your grasp, when you summon the 3DO Game Guru. The 3DO Game Guru taps into the secret codes of each game to reveal more of what you play for: More lives. More weapons. More game cheat codes. More money! Built in codes for 30+ hot titles and you can enter additional 3DO Game Guru codes to unlock the secrets of many more titles. Need we say more? The 3DO Game Guru. Discover what you've been missing!

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Advanced features main menu
  • File Related
    • File List (lists all files in nvram)
    • Delete (delete a file)
    • Hexeditor (hexedit file(s)
      • A (edits highlighted area)
      • C (saves changes to file)
      • P
        • Select Primary File
        • X-OR Toggle
        • Hex Toggle
        • Mask Toggle
        • Compare Toggle
        • Select Secondary File
        • X-OR Toggle
        • Hex Toggle
        • Mask Toggle
      • B
        • Search Toggle
        • String Search
        • Value Search
        • AI Table
        • Jump To
        • Mark Region
        • Copy Region
        • Paste Buffer
        • CRC Calc
          • Starting Location
          • Ending Location
          • CRC Location
          • CRC Size And Operation
          • Operation 1
          • Operation 2
          • P
            • Enter A CRC Code
            • Create A CRC Code
            • Update Current File
            • Display Current CRC
            • Save Hex Settings
            • Create A Search Code
            • Create A Logical Code
    • Association
      • Create
      • Clone
      • Edit
      • Compare
    • Compress
    • Decompress
    • Rename
    • Copy
    • Special
      • Create
      • Change Type
      • File X-fer
        • Send File
        • Receive File
        • X-fer Time
      • 32-bit CRC
  • Game Guru Codes
    • File List
    • Enter Code
    • Create Code
    • Library
  • Optimization
    • Normal Optimize
    • Full Optimize
    • File Reorder
    • File Fill
    • Rebuild Catalog
    • Test Device
    • Format Device
  • Statistics
    • File Stats
    • Device Stats
    • Compression
  • Edit Settings
    • Serious Options
      • Verification Toggle
      • Default Answer Toggle
      • Messages Delay
      • Mini Menu Help Toggle
      • Pass Filenames Toggle
      • Auto-Delete Toggle
      • Compression Type
    • Pretty Options
      • Moving Menus Toggle
      • Menu Soundfx Toggle
      • Menu Light Selection
      • Font Light Selection
      • Background Selection
      • Music Toggle
    • Select Device
    • Save Settings
    • View Credits

Disable advanced features

Select the "Enter Code" option from the menu. Select the "GameGuru.CFG" saved game file from the list. Enter IDONTWANTTHEPOWER as a code.

Advanced features

Select the "Enter Code" option from the menu. Select the "GameGuru.CFG" saved game file from the list. Enter IHAVETHEPOWER as a code. A prompt will appear to confirm activation. The Game Guru will restart with the advanced features. These features include creating new Game Guru codes by hacking saved game files and transferring saved games between 3DO game systems. This is accomplished by using the Advanced Features to create a saved game file. Data in the file is entered in hexadecimal format. By reversing this process, any saved game can be converted to hexadecimal text for transfer through Internet resources or standard print media.

GameGuru.CFG codes

Patch the file GameGuru.CFG with the following codes:

Extra Soundtracks (x is a number from 1 to 9)
New Background
Secret Video



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