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Iza To! En Garde! Dude! Twelve of the mightiest samurai, ninja, knights, and warriors from Japan, France, the United States, and China lock swords in SAMURAI SHODOWN. With blades, bare knuckles, rage, and various Methods of Mayhem, fight your way to the final battle with Satan's Shogun. Use all powers at your disposal to get a head!

Cheat Codes/Hints
Automatic finishing moves

At the end of the last round (whether it be round two or three), press C (Fierce Attack) as your last hit on your opponent. Doing so will execute an automatic finishing move. Doing so while on the ground with the enemy will stab their heart and cause a fountain of blood to spurt. Doing so while in the air with the enemy will slice them in two. The finishing moves look the same for all the fighters, but it is still interesting to end the battle with them.

Drain opponents health

After putting in the code for level select begin a fight. Hit your opponent 1 time and after that you can hold down the L and R buttons to drain his/her health! You must hit your opponent at least once for this to work. The only way to get rid of this code is to delete the Samurai Showdown memory from your 3DO system.

Player 2 color change

Press RS + C to give player 2 a color change.

Same color opponent

Start the one-player game, then join in with player two and pick the player the computer was using. Kill player one. Do not continue and your character will start with the one-player game again. Join in with controller one, and again pick the same character the computer was using. Kill player two. When the next one player game starts, your character will be the same character and color as the computer.

Stage select

Play a game, lose, and do not continue. Go to the main menu, select the resume option, and press Left, X, Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, X. Highlight the "Players Name" option and use LS or RS to select the stage. Note: All Samurai Shodown save games must be deleted to turn off the stage select option. Three lines of text will appear at the bottom of the screen:

  • "Level Select Enabled" confirms that the Stage Select code was entered properly.
  • "Debug Pattern Codes Enabled" explains the numbers that are displayed at the top of the screen.
  • "Zap and Excerciser Enabled" allows special game functions. Zap allows you to drain all of an opponent's power by holding LS + RS. It will not kill your opponent. Instead, your character must deliver the fatal blow with any attack (even if it is blocked).

Level Select

Lose one game. Pick Resume and press Left, X, Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, X.

Player two color change

Press RS + C.



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