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Hold LS + RS + X and press Cat the menu screen. Use the Jump To option from the Menu Screento play any scene in the game.

Data pattern code:Hold LS + RS + X and press B atthe menu screen. All of the patterns in the game are now availableunder the Data function.


Hold LS + RS + X and press Aat the menu screen. Your character will have possession of allbut one of the orbs.

View development team picutre

Use the following moves in the Maze to reach a largechamber containing pods that display the faces of the developmentteam.

Forward (your character will enter the maze)
Select floodlight (the maze will be visible)
Rotate Right and move Forward
Rotate Left and move Forward

To see more team members, rotate until a gap in the pods comesinto view. There are two holes in the far wall, on the left andright sides. Enter the right hole to see more of the developmentstaff. Enter the left hole to return to the maze.



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